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Coffee & Crepes

Update: this Location is now closed

Today I had the pleasure of being invited to this cute little coffee shop in East Los Angeles on Cesar Chavez. The Name like their menu is straight to the point. Coffee & Crepes by Vicky but they make them good and Vicky makes the crepes any way you want them. In fact they have a pizza crepe on their menu that stuck after a customer asked "Do you have a pizza crepe?" she said "Sure!" and the pizza crepe was born and permanently on their menu now.

Vicky the Chef works alone and coming into her little shop is like visiting her at her home. She explained to me that she kind of got into the crepe business by accident a partnership with her niece fell through and she was left alone with a lease so she did what she knew how to make which were the crepes she made for her kids growing up and that's how Coffee and Crepes by Vicky was born.

The shop itself is charming and the building and grounds are beautiful the walls, windows gates all enchanting. I would have stayed there all day if I could have, because of the lack of signage it's easy to miss but making it such a peaceful and relaxing place.

This place is a work from home persons dream! It's got an up stairs with a lovely view. I can see this place getting packed in the near future with lots of people looking for a quiet place to hang out and it would make me happy to see her business get the credit it deserves but I would love to keep it my own private little quiet getaway. Vicky is like a mom who welcomes you into her home and whips up some of her delicious crepes for you and doesn't let you leave until you are properly fed. She doesn't mind whipping up a special order crepe for you just how you like it. I was able to try three on my visit and liked them all. The Veggie Crepe with pesto and sun dried tomatoes among other veggies, and a Salmon Crepe filled with smoked Salmon and a sauce with a kick, it was a bit spicy but I liked it! The savory crepes were served with salad on the side and to finish up our meal we had a banana,strawberry and chocolate crepe that was so Yummy I took another for the road!

I can imagine college students missing the home life at this is the place reminiscing of the days they came home from school locked themselves in their room to do homework or whatever and then mom bringing them an after school snack up to your room.

Such a cute little place. The whole no signage thing I believe is a big problem for Coffee & Crepes because it can easily be missed it's so sad that the locals do not know of this little gem in their area.

I had a wonderful time at this little place and can't wait to be out in the East L.A. are for another one of those strawberry and banana crepes.

4545 Cesar Chavez Ave Los Angeles, CA 90022

(323) 263-4544 call for business hours

$ Coffee and Crepes

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