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Lolli and Pops

Lolli and Pops

Purveyors of Sweetness

It's a candy store and an ice cream parlor with a vintage feel. The employees are very fashionably dressed in hats and striped aprons make you feel like they're about to break out in perfect Harmony like an old time barber shop quartet.

Unfortunately, they don't but the ambience music is a mix of classic swing & the new elctro swing dance tunes. I was instantly happy and I hadn't even tried the sweets yet.

The candies are Fantastic and you can sample mostly anything in the store, just ask a friendly associate and they'll get you a sample with a smile! They have different rooms with different themes they even have a room just for gummies with a large gold Gummie bear statue in it. I am not a lover of gummi bears strange because I do like gummi candies but once I had a bite of one of these I was hooked. These are not your typical sugary tough gummi bears they're gummi but soft and the flavors amazingly taste like the flavor its supposed to be it's not just different colored sugar flavored gummies. I had strawberry banana gummies, Mango gummies, grapefruit gummies, peach gummies, I could go on and on but let me just say they have lots of flavors and they're all great, they even have European gummies that are a lot chewier and for those of you with food allergies or just looking for a sweet that's a little healthier "Lolli and Pops" has gluten free & sugar free candies that taste just as great as the bad stuff if not better and you'll feel a little less guilty about enjoying

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