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North Pole in Southern California

The Queen Mary Brings the North Pole To Southern California, with their Ice Kingdom. The Ice Kingdom has a "Malibu Christmas" theme with ice sculptures of Santa surfing and Malibu Decor. The Ice was all carved by hand and saw but all the fine detail done by hand by Chinese Ice Sculptors who have been working on the kingdom since July. The Kingdom is being preserved through the holiday season in temperatures below 7 degrees, so needless to say the Ice Kingdom is freezing Cold Just like the North Pole or pretty close to it. The Ice Kingdom provides parkas for you to wear available in all sizes while your inside admiring the frozen works of art. If you don't think you can do the cold for too long, Don't worry! you can walk the whole kingdom in about 15 minutes if you just walk it through quickly and maybe go down the ice slide once but give yourself at least half an hour to take pictures and appreciate the detail and have fun on that ice slide. Go on it a few times!

The Ice Kingdom is not the only attraction at this Holiday Event, there's lots of fun to be had at "Chill" There is Ice skating, Glacier glide tubing, shows, a bounce house for the kids and of course you can go into the Queen Mary herself and explore all included with your admission.

California Christmas!

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