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Roughing it L.A. Style with Camp City Experts

"Camp City Experts" was an event hosted by Google for their Los Angeles #CityExperts (top reviewers). The event was a night of Glamping under the stars, but No roughing it here! We went at this camping thing like true Angelinos. The event was held at the Beautiful Lombardi House in Hollywood and our camping Experience was catered by #Whoa Nelly Catering and filled with camping activities to earn badges, very scout style!

The menu of the night featured campfire favorites like hot dogs and chili with vegan options of course because it's L.A.! Beef and vegan hotdogs, vegan and Neiman Ranch Chili, Brussel sprout chopped salad, Kale Caesar, Baked potatoes with the fixins, tomato soup shots with mini grilled cheese, Pork sliders, and to drink an open bar & a Hot cider station with your choice of either bourbon or rum for a kick and to satisfy that sweet tooth there was a DIY trail mix table and a "s'more'gasbord station with a lot more options than your average s'more sation. They had the classics of course Hershey's chocolate, graham crackers and classic vanilla mallows, but for those who wanted to kick it up a notch they had an assortment of cookies and marshmallows to experiment with.

Games and activities included badminton, archery, tug o war,corn hole and placing yourself or your favorite L.A. spot on the Google Map Wall. The crafts brought to us by #Makerskit included fun things like bracelet making, snow globe making, terrarium globes.

It was quite a lovely way to spend a slightly chili December evening in beautiful L.A.

This is were the Glamour

in Glamping kicks in

Tray passed apps!

No Camping is complete without

Trail Mix!


The S'more Station

Craft Stations

The Crafts

A few Games

Corn hole,Google map, & archery

Take home goodies

Don't want to miss out on the fun next time,

then become a city expert.

How?,You ask.

Start writing those reviews on Google,

50 reviews should get you in!

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