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Lego Monuments Roadshow

Need something to do with the kids? "Le-go" to the Show! The Lego Monuments Roadshow. BUILDING ACROSS AMERICA is at the Glendale Galleria and features models of iconic buildings and structures made entirely of Lego bricks down to the smallest detail and other Lego displays including a play area where kids can build and race cars down the racing hills! The goal is to build a car that doesn't break when raced. Kids and Adults both will love this area. Kids can also build anything they'd like and have it put on display with their name and age.

Mark your Calendars because Saturday the 14th & Sunday the 15th

from noon - 4:00 in the center court

You will be able to build and take home your own mini version of a Lego U.S.Capitol Building model for FREE!

All Monuments made of Legos

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