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L.A. It's Time to get Dirty

If you need a little Danger in your life "Danger Dog" THAT IS, the slang term for our L.A. bacon wrapped street dogs then you have to try "Dirt Dog". These Dogs are dangerously good and safe to eat. Made with Nathan's all beef hot dogs and Soft and Crispy Buns that they get daily from Melrose Bakery these aren't just any ole street dogs. They offer 5 dogs to please those dirty palates of yours The Original Dirt Dog, The green Dog, Red Dog, Brown Dog, even a Veggie Dog.

Their sides include "Dirty fries" OH THOSE DIRTY FRIES! So crispy and flavorful you wont be able to stop. "Dirty corn", street corn - "Dirt Dog Style" topped with bacon dust giving it a very smoky flavor and "Dirty Chips" I have yet to try these. It doesn't end there Dirt Dog has Dessert too, fried Twinkies and Oreo's served with dipping sauce and sprinkles on the side so you can get artsy with your food And until recently only known to a few they had a secret menu item - house made Horchata Ice cream served with Churro's that would sell out daily even off the menu. It is secret no more, Angelenos made their voice heard asking for more and now it's on the menu. Now that this sweet treat is secret no longeryou need to get in there and try it it sells out quick!

You can still be part of the secret dirty club cause they have an off menu item called "Philthy Fries" Dirt Dog describes these babies as 3/8" thick cut fries hand tossed in house made chili limon seasoning, smacked on one side of the fry box you find house made guacamole and smacked to the other side you will find some sour cream. Go to one side or the other - or both and experience a flavor explosion in your mouth. The fries are topped with bacon bits, melted cheddar cheese and diced pickled jalapenos. When your mouth just can't take anymore, comes the filthiness on the bottom, our amazing house made chipotle aioli sauce. Hope you're feeling dangerous. These "Philthy" babies are only available if you ask for them. They are not on the menu. Join their Facebook page to find out about secret menu items or check back with me of course!

The Green Dog

Onions & Bell Peppers - Cooked in House Made Chimichurri Sauce

In The Bun - Guacamole Spread

Topped - With Cilantro, Lime Slice & Bacon Bits

Brown Dog

Onions & Bell Peppers - Cooked in Teriyaki Sauce

In The Bun - Sweet Mayo Spread

Topped - With Iri Goma & Bacon Bits

Red Dog

Onions & Bell Peppers - Cooked in House Made Spicy Tomato Chile Sauce

In The Bun - Chipotle Aioli Spread

Topped - With Red Pepper Flakes & Bacon Bits

dirty fries

dirty corn

And if all that good food is not reason enough to visit Dirt Dog they have a map wall where you can leave your name behind on a little piece of paper and they post your name and city on this wall to show how far you traveled to get dirty.

They recently just started serving Breakfast too! Stay Tuned for those picsI have yet to try their breakfast but with menu items like "Tres leches French toast" It won't be long before I do. They are still pretty new and working on that liquor license but they will have craft beers on draft soon.

Get on the Map

Best Dirt Dog Employee this guy has got the Dirt on all things Dirt Dog.

But wait Dirt Dog doesn't just get down in the kitchen they like to get their hands dirty in the community. They are involved in several projects so every time you eat at Dirt Dog your helping the community too. 10% of their sales go back to the community.

check out to find out more about the projects they're involved in and more on their menu.

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