Crave Expo 2015

This Year the Second Annual Crave Expo was held at "The Mark for Events" in West L.A. a full service venue and event space, they partenered with "Dr. Events" an event consulting service to create a networking event for people in the food industry & media and more. It was three rooms of restaurants and caterers gathered in one spot to create a perfect evening.

The first room decorated like a lounge area was a bit darker than the rest, it housed the main bar where Mr. Bartender had their fancy bartenders dressed to the T's making perfectly crafted cocktails, Pappas Artisinal, The New School of Cooking, Ban Chan a la Carte and The Mark for Events very own catering set up booth in this room, Also representing in this room were sponsors of the event Yelp and Vita Coco Pure Coconut water.

In the connecting room we got to try Lawry's Catering, PDA Cuisine, Hanaro, Caffe Concerto, Maggiano's Little Italy and Jamaica's Cakes. It was the cooler of the three rooms the lighting a bit blueish with a Crave Expo ice sculpture as the star of the room. Lots of fish dishes served in this room. Rolls and sushi ispired foods even a Sushi style sandwich. yes a sandwich the bread part of this sandwich was rice and rice paper with a filing of Krab tasted just like a Mexican Roll. also desserts where served in this room.

The next room the more botanical of the three rooms decorated with lots of floral arrangements from Robinson's Flowers was the fun room of the event. This room had "Showmance"live musical entertainment, "Cartoon Slinger" -caricature artist and even a hair styling by Luxelab. What a treat! I unfortunately wasn't able to partake in either the cartoon caricature or hair styling because I was trying to taste and photograph everything, but I saw the work they were doing and it was great! The food stars of this room were Cappuccino Man, Lovesome and Sugar Spin. Sugar spin making the most beautiful cotton candies I've ever seen with the best flavors and most creative toppings ever - flavors like Mango, Fruity pepples and chile Mango topped with a piece of dehydrated chile Mango had me very excited about cotton candy, something this savory food lover doesn't usually go for but the flavors they were putting out were just too wildly creative for me to pass up!

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