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Nailed It!

We've all eaten at a food truck at some point in our lives whether it was from a roach coach back in the day or one of the the new stylish modern gourmet foodie trucks that are poppingup all over the place now. A lot of businesses are turning to the "Truck Life". Nowadays you can find a truck for anything fashion trucks, flower trucks, record trucks, beauty supplies, knitting supplies anything and everything but have you ever had a manicure in a truck? Sounds uncomfortable right? WRONG!

I had the pleasure of getting my first truck manicure from "The Nail Truck" this weekend and it was an awesome experience. It's so beautiful inside better than most places I've ever had my nails done at. There's nice cushion seating pillows and there were even drinks involved.

On my visit they were parked right outside King Harbor Brewerey so the beers were a'flowing and the fun times were being had in this little space! I loved it! So unique - so perfect - So Genius! The nail truck nailed it with this great idea. The nail truck provided everything a manicure should be nice nails, relaxing environment and good times with your girls or guys. No ones judging!

You'll want to set up a date with your close group of pals and join in the mani- pedi party on Wheels! It's time to step up your trucking game! The nail truck can mostly be found out in Orange county and surrounding areas! Book an appointment with them or throw a party.

The Nail Truck

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