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Juicy Factory L.A.

Smoothies used to be the juice shops of the past but now juice shops are popping up left and right giving us a diverse juice scene. Jamba Juice isn't the only option any more people! We've got so many options cold pressed juices for the health buff looking to substitute a meal, boba tea shops for those who like some chew in their dew and then there's places like "Juicy Factory" who are bringing us refreshing "just drink it cause it looks good, taste good and feels good" kinda juices. They came at a perfect time too right as the summer heat is about to begin. "Aguas Frescas" is their style which means "Fresh water" if you've ever been to a Mexican market like "Vallarta" you've seen these colorful waters served in the big clear barrels. What makes Juicy Factory's Agua's so special you ask? Well it's their creative new flavors they're kicking it up a notch with flavors like Spicy Watermelon, Pineapple Mint, Cucumber Lime, Strawberry Cucumber Lime and yes even the classics like Cantaloupe.

I walked into Juicy Factory not really knowing what kind of Juices they offered and walked out with three favorites. The Pineapple Mint, cucumber lime and strawberry cucumber lime Wowsers, so refreshingly delicious! They're made fresh daily and sweetened with the natural sweetness of the fruit and Agave. They're Served in large clear cups even looking at them feels good. They have fruit floating right in them making them looks so colorful and fresh! I say we make these the National Drinks of California!

They have quite a cool location as well they are located right next to the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. It's a really great hangout spot and has a lot of seating indoors and outdoors and even a private little area that looks like a lounge set-up indoors great for a private meeting, to work at or just a little get together with friends. The best part is that they offer food at the Juicy Factory. Real prepared in house cooked to order food - Sorry Jamba Juice but Juicy Factory has you beat! No prepackaged take to the register kind of food here, You get to build your own Salad the way you like and they sell pressed panini sandwiches and soups with real fresh ingredients in them. Then it's all brought to your cute table by the sweetest employees. A proper casual cafe experience on the Blvd. On a street where there's pizza by the slice shops and burgers and food that just makes you feel sluggish. It's Nice to see places like Juicy Factory bringing you fresh options - It's the best dining option on the Blvd.

Juicy Factory has a few locations with more to come soon

walk into one near you and sample their flavors!

Their flavors are constantly rotating so check out the menu on their website below

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