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New School Kitchen

On another dinner outing with fellow bloggers we dined out at The New School Kitchen. I hadn't yet heard of it an before going (silly me!) I thought it was an actual cooking class we were going to. I knew they served Dim Sum and I was actually quite excited to get in the kitchen and make some, but when we arrived what I got was a lot better, It was a Dim sum feast - fast food style.

Never have I had dim sum from a place like this I've waited long to be seated in a restaurant and waited for carts to come my way hoping they had what I wanted but this was nothing like that . This was a tiny little shop with minimal seating both inside and outside You walk in and to your left is a menu the options and prices are so great you wouldn't dare walk out after a glimpse. Everything starts at about $2.00 for 2 pieces the bigger items are just 1 piece. you can see everything to the right behind a glass counter as they prepare your items for you and you just want to order everything and with prices like that why not? So we did. We tried everything on the menu and there was nothing fast food about the flavor, Slowly braised tender pork cooked for hours, house made sauces and fresh ingredients and great friendly social staff make this place really stand out.

So once I figured out this was not a coo

truck and this is their first restaurant. I'm glad they decided to open up in the Sawtelle Japan Town area. It's nice to know we can find great Chinese food outside of the San Gabriel Valley.

Here's what we got to try:

goodness on a Hawaiin roll

Hainan Chicken

Dumplings, hargow and sides of caulifower and brussel sprouts

pork belly bao

custard tarts and sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf

peking duck bao

With the chef and my group of friends, bloggers, tastemakers

myself with this delicious peking duck Bao

With the Chef

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