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Unlimited Feast at Disney

Tucked away in the lobby of the Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland lies a little California inspired buffet of goodness, at PCH Grill you'll find the best of the best dishes that didn't quite make the cut at the Disneyland restaurants because they just maybe didn't fit in with the theme, maybe too spicy, who knows the point is they were too good not to put somwhere - so they put them here! The PCH Grill is the playground for the Disney chefs were they are free to get creative and add spices and heat that they may not be able to use in the park. There are few dishes on the buffet - it isn't very large but that's ok because the quality and taste of the dishes available are enough - quality over quantity all the way down the buffet line.

Imagine yourself at the potluck of all the best Disney chefs and this is it! - at around $28.00 per person this is not a bad deal for all you can eat at Disney. I believe this is the best deal the park has to offer and you don't even have to be a Disneyland or hotel guest to enjoy it. Just show up!

One of the best parts is when you sit at your table pizza arrives instead of bread yes pizza WHAT?!!!! This is amazing and if the kiddos aren't the foodie type well that's ok they can create their own pizza, give it to the kitchen staff and they bake it for you and they have little sliders and what California adventure would be complete without a "Dodger Dog" (yes they even have those on the buffet)!

Some of my favorite dishes of the night were the diced potatoes and sausage with clams

and the shrimp pasta absolutely delicious those two dishes alone were worth the buffet for me but there was still so much more like ribs and sliced tri-tip with their potato salad and corn bread with honey butter. I'm drooling just thinking about it!

To end your meal sweets of course that pay tribute to California. They have make it yourself strawberry shortcake station that honors the strawberry festival and a s'more station that symbolizes the smores you would make at a California beach bonfire.

This is one of Disney's best kept little secrets but it won't be for long.

These Pizza are brought to your table instead of bread


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