Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary

Halloween Is my favorite time of the year so on the 1st of October, the very first day of the month I started it off just right at the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor. There's nothing creepier than walking through an old truly haunted ship.

This year there are six mazes:

New Lullaby, B340, Soulmate, Voodoo Village, Deadrise, and Circus.

Three of them really honor the true spirits of the ship.

The New Lullaby maze honors Scary Mary the youngest ghost of the ship who drowned in the pool inside the ship, this maze leads you through

some dark and scary parts of the ship and ends

in.... - you guessed it! the pool in which Scary

Mary drowned. No need to fear Mary though she only wants to play!

Soulmate honors the lady in white often seen on the ship - before the maze begins you are shown the story of Gale a lady in white who is looking for her perfect soulmate but since she can't find one decides to make one herself in a very Gory way. You better hope she doesn't see something in you she likes because she just might use it to build her perfect man.

Voodoo Village and Circus not so much about the ships history but creepy nonetheless who doesn't get creeped out by voodoo and clowns?

RIP Louge

If you feel like splurging a bit on your Halloween adventure go for the VIP experience which gets you fast fright pass for the way shorter line and entrance in to the RIP Lounge which includes 3 drink tickets and unlimited pork and chicken sliders and chips, private restrooms and exclusive ghostly encounters.

Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary

The Ladies of Queen Mary

The side Show Freaks & Oddities

The side Show Freaks & Oddities

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