Knuckle & Claw

I visited Knuckle and Claw twice one on a lunch date with the hubby and the second a dine L.A. Lunch date with a friend. Both visits were great, the service friendly and hello the food was awesome - Lobster rolls & calm chowder, I was happy! Well I would have been happier with more but until I find a king size lobster roll this will do.

The Dine L.A Visit was the best for only $25.00 only $6.00 more than the price of a lobster roll and I got a side (coleslaw for me) a drink ( I went with sparkling water but wine and beer were acceptable choices) and an appetizer I chose chowder although I could have gone with a mini roll too and subbed my full sized lobster roll with a lobster pot pie! Can they make this deal happen more often? Please?! A happy hour would be cool or one day of the week or hey even one day out of the month! They have to bring this deal back. I mean I have to go back and try that Pot Pie!

So would I recommend Knuckle & Claw? Heck yeah! Great Roll soft and crispy and the lobster so tender and none of the fillers like celery and mayo just plain lobster and the chowder now I know some of you are gonna hate when I say I loved this baconless chowder but there should never be bacon in a chowder. I want to taste clams in my clam chowder not the overpowering taste of bacon. There I said it! Bacon does not belong in everything. It does not make everything taste better. Peace out! (lets mic drop out of her hand as she walks away)

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