Crave Expo 2016

This year Crave Expo was bigger and better! The DJ, the band , the drinks and the food - Oh man the FOOD! It was such a sexy event! First off beautiful location at The Majestic in Downtown L.A. an extravagant space with historic grandeur features; white marble dance floor, deep burgundy marble banisters complemented by ornate wood paneling and sculpted marble columns but the best centerpiece is a vault that took us back to the 1920's when this location used to be a bank almost as dramatic as the marble staircase that leads to a mezzanine for view of the entire hall.

Ok, so you've got a mental image of the location now start to fill it in with a great live band "The Showmance Band" if the vault alone didn't take you back to the 20's the band sure did! Dressed in vintage attire singing classy, old Hollywood jazz tunes and handsome clean cut waiters making beautiful cocktails and people in the nude with sushi on them. Sexy! Right?!!!

It's only their second event, but they're already doing it big and right. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us at Crave Expo 3. I "CRAVE" more!

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