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L.A. Cookie Con 2015

I got to attend the very first "L.A. Cookie con 2015" at the Pasadena Convention Center last weekend, and I gotta say it was a sweet event!

Many of L.A's finest Bakery's and sweet shops set up booth and handed out samples and some even handed out the full size product like "Thirteen Apples" had a make your own apple station where you got to choose your dip and toppings while they dipped it right in front of you - it's always fun when you get to personalize your treats and to quench it all down "Organic Pastures" handed out Fresh Delicious Raw Milk mini jugs & Nesquick handed out mini chocolate milk jugs. Sound like too much sweet for you?...Lucky for my Savory Tooth "Del Real foods" was there handing out samples of their Tamales and their chicken and pork.

There was so much to do even purchase cute little candies and tools to make your own pastries at home, A photo booth by Social photo booth Co. which was so much fun where I took several pictures with foodie Friends. There was even past contestants from Master Chef & Master Chef Jr in attendance. Remember "Dara -The Bow Girl" who made those beautiful pastries and had made her own own mother's wedding cake.

other's wedding cake well check her out here in this photo with me and my kids!

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