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Project LA

To Celebrate my birthday we celebrate d the night away at Club Project L.A.

Project L.A. is the Los Angeles Version of the exclusive night club "Project London". Their goal is to make you forget your troubles in an all inclusive outlandish environment while providing excellent service. Sounded perfect for a I'm What's Up! celebration - yet I was skeptical it WAS Hollywood afterall and there's a reputation of long lines, douchy door guys and bad service, but we got on our Discotech app reserved the table and were set for the night.

We arrived to Project L.A. around 10:30 immediately we were gathered and escorted by well dressed doormen to our table NO NONSENSE - JUST FRIENDLINESS! Immediately scoring super high points in my book!

Our table which was stage side - gave us both privacy and the best view in the house,and the view was incredible! A sea of USC graduates celebrating with beach balls and flashing styrofoam light sticks while electronic dance music played in the background. The fun didn't end there. It was Saturday night and "Project" wows the crowds with live entertainment on Saturdays. The entertainment for the night was zen fire arts firperformers and aerialists. They were spectacular! kept the crowds engaged and excited but the all inclusive entertainment didn't end there. as we sat at our table sipping our lovely bottle service cocktails made by our very own waitress - a Magician showed up to our table and performed card tricks for us. Talk about all inclusive!

There is no doubt in my mind that I picked the perfect place to celebrate! I was blown away by it all. As someone who plans events often it's hard to find something that everyone will enjoy. When I picked a club I wasn't sure it was the right choice as there are people who don't like to dance but Project L.A isn't just a dance club, it's a show, it's an experience it's fun for all. I had a great time - they really do set out to engage you in the night.

Project Club L.A.

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