Rockin the "Disco Tech" App


About 6 months ago I was introduced to the Disco tech app by my Yelp Elite Community Manager. I downloaded it to attend an event at a club in Hollywood and the whole process was so smooth and so Un-Hollywood. I loved it! I couldn't believe how easy it had all been once I downloaded the app I picked the club I was going to, bought my ticket and flashed the screen at the door. Yup!- That simple. No nonsense - just how it should be. I had stepped into the new Age of Clubbing and I liked it!

Since then I have used the app about 3 more times and each the time the process feels smoother and smoother. I have said "goodbye" to the old days of paying cash at the door and I "Rock the DiscoTech" App.

So if you wanna know what's up on the club scene then you just gotta download the Discotech app and it will make clubbing fun again! The best part of the app is that they send out notifications for free admission to several clubs and sometimes even a comped drink - So many benefits! The app is available for clubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami and Washington D.C. it's the #1 nightlife app!

How it works :

Once you've Downloaded the app

You come to the "Sign up" Screen

sign in screen

Then the clubs are listed for your city


When you find the club you want

you click on it and either buy admission tickets

or reserve a table with bottle service.

That's it Tickets Purchased

then you just show up to the club

show them your screen and it's done. Enjoy the Night!

If you're traveling to a different city

you can just switch cities

on the side bar

you can find all your

events, promotions, etc

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