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The Circus Vargas is in Town

So the last couple of years I've been seeing the big blue and yellow Circus Vargas tent in my town . I was curious but I wanted to make sure it had no animals in the act - so I said to myself I had to check it out but being the time pass and the circus left by the time Ithe procrastinator that I am I left researched it (by the way no animals). Lucky for me they hadn't moved too far and I decided this would be the year I attended the circus. It had been decades since I last attended - I was a kid myself and it was time to take my own kids and BOY AM I Glad I DID! Needless to say we LOVED it! We had great seats but honestly all the seats in the house were pretty great and every moment was filled with heart pounding, nail biting thrills and the music was pretty great too. The stunts were awesome- My kids especially loved the trampoline jumpers! I was so amazed at the stunts performed throughout the night that I caught myself just mesmerized by the strength and muscles the performers use - I felt like a kid again, it was Great!

Santa Anita Park

For a performance near you

They are currently in Arcadia soon to be In Santa Barbara and Santa Clarita

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