Whiskey Wednesdays at Next Door Lounge

Looking for a Hump Day activity? Well, look no further because the Next Door Lounge has a whiskey Wednesday tasting that'll knock your knickers off!

The Next Door Lounge in my opinion is the best speakeasy style lounge in L.A. It's the only NO NONSE speakeasy that operates like a business should. No silly power trippin doormen , no waiting in long lines, No bottle service that cost you an arm an a leg. The Next Door lounge is simple you make a reservation they quickly get back to you with a password you give them that password at the door and that's it! You're in.

The best part about NDL is that every night is a different experience live music Tuesdays & Wednesays, dancers, casino nights, D.J's on the weekend, and Wednesday's means Whiskey tasting night.

Let me tell you how my Whiskey Wednesday experience went. When we arrived to our reserved tasting the table was set with all the glasses and place mats labeled with all the whiskeys we would be trying four of them to be exact.

Our Bar Man introduced himself as Zac Henry and explained the proper techniques for tasting whiskey - smelling it, kissing it to get a slight whiskey flavor on the lips, then swooshing it in your mouth for about 7 seconds and also dropping a little water in it to awaken the flavors (that water can come from ice as well). He also informed us in the difference of the whiskeys where they came from etc very educational and fun!

The whiskey tasting came with appetizers of pita bread and dips. and flatbreads to keep us from getting zozzled from all the giggle water and of course live music cause it was Wednesday!

Whiskey Wednesdays are a great way to spend hump day with a group of friends, I highly recommend trying something like this for your next outing. I'm glad we did!

I hear they have Prohibited Nights now also on Wednesdays once a month. They transform the whole place into a speakeasy casino den complete with black jack, craps, roulette, card magicians, cigars and more. I'll definitely be checking that out soon. The next one is August 19th maybe I'll see you there!

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