CPK : The Next Chapter

It's a new day and California Pizza Kitchen has a new chapter! I visited the CPK in Culver City which is one of the first few locations to undergo the "Next Chapter" transformation and I was really impressed! When you think CPK you think pizza, pastas, and salads, but the next chapter introduces a re imagined menu with dishes like a 12 ounce Rib Eye, and seasonal menu items like a harvest farmer's market soup, and FINALLY lunch duos! How many times have you been to CPK and wanted both a pizza and a salad or soup and sandwich or whatever combination and had to either share with someone else or had to make the hard choice of picking just one? No more fretting when the menu comes, get exactly what you want with these lunch duos that make ordering so easy.

The new menu isn't the only thing that has changed they got a new look too. The new decor includes pictures of California landmarks personalized by location and the cocktails are great! I had for the first time ever at CPK an avocado Cocktail (California Roots)! sounded so strange I just had to try it and it was GOOD I thought it was going to be thick and creamy but it wasn't it was light and refreshing, I also tried a spicy adobo citrus margarita (my favorite one) and a "blueberry ginger smash" . All three were excellent!

Now....... DESSERT, this is going to be tough I know I told you no more fretting when the menu comes I guess I lied there will be a little fretting because you'll either have to order a little less to make room for dessert or make room for dessert because you are going to want to try those amazing puddings on the menu. The salted Caramel was lick the jar good! On second thought order the pudding To Go that way you can literally lick the container at home with no one to judge you.

check out a video and pictures of my experience.

I even got to toss pizza dough - which was so much fun!

California Pizza Kitchen

Farmer's market soup

Sunnyside up bacon and potato pizza shaved fingerlings, apple wood smoked bacon, caramelized leeks, mozarella & sunny side up eggs

12 ounce Rib eye with Arugula and fingerlings

Salted Caramel Pudding

S'more Pudding

Some of the Classics!

chicken dumplings

The Works

My favorite! The Jambalaya

tortilla spring rolls , chicken dumplings, brussels & bacon flatbread, harvest kale salad

Citrus Adobo

California Roots

Svedke vodka , fresh avocado & mint, fresh agave sour and fennel salt rim

Blueberry Ginger Smash

Visit a CPK near you and try the awesome new menu items. Can't wait to go in again to see what they do the rest of the seasons of the year!

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