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Let San Francisco bring Paris to you!

I recently tried PetitPot's: Pot de Creme's dessert and OOH LA LA! It was a true Parisian treat, so gourmet yet in such playful and adorable packaging. They came to me via mail packaged very neatly and still cold with ice packs. I received the sampler one of each of their flavors including the cookies. I didn't know which flavor I wanted to go with first so I went with my gut and picked salted caramel with the chocolate cookies and boy did I pick right! The creme was so smooth and silky while the cookie was crispy and just the right amount of chocolate sweetness and saltiness. After that first jar I went for them all; I shared of course I wasn't a complete pig, but If I could do it all over again I would hide the salted caramel and lemon flavored cremes and chocolate cookies from the box so I wouldn't have to share those. I'm not joking they were that good!

Now there are a few ways you too can enjoy these French goodies. If you live in San Francisco or plan to visit SF soon GREAT because they're located there, but if your one of the unluckies - you can do like I did and have them mailed straight to you by ordering online or pick them some up on your next grocery shopping trip. They recently started selling PetitPot in locations all over California, just adding to the many reasons why California is "The greatest state of all" as the state song says.

Order Online on GoodEggs,Munchery, Grubmarket or Farmbox, or get them through your local Farmigo pickup spot.

See the list of stores they are sold at

Oh and don't you dare throw that packaging away. This is the perfect road-trip snack it comes with games inside the box and the jars are just the perfect size to store crayons in!

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