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A Tour of Hollywood

Besides eating I love to travel and as much as I love this beautiful City I live in I have to admit I still don't know it all. So when giving the opportunity last week to take a tour of Hollywood I jumped right on it! We made a few stops even rode the metro and I'm embarrassed to say that it was my first time on the metro. What!? I know crazy right?

So our tour started at a coffee shop on Cahuenga "Demitasse" - you've probably been to a Demitasse near you, but what made this one special was that they serve food! We started with a strawberry gazpacho with crispy serrano ham, I had an iced strawberry ginger latte and a delightful trio of vegetarian lumpia, Hanger steak and Crudo., not wht you would expect to find in a coffee shop, but it's Hollywood!

then we walked over to Mama Shelter the famous hip Parisian Hotel, where you can stay, eat, and play We caught the sunset and had a few drinks on the rooftop lounge. great city view all around us!

our next stop was Cre8 Crepes (I'm guessing that it's pronounced CREATE) right on the boulevard. We walked right on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame with this sweet treat that deserved a star of it's own and the price only $5.00! I'm coming back just for that.

Our next stop was at Hollywood & Highland shopping center for fun build it yourself meals!

Poke & Ramen not one place but two separate ones side by side, perfect for those days when you can't decide what to eat. Have them both!

Poke at Pokinometry I got my bowl with a rice base and everything else!

And the delicious build it yourself Ramen at Jinyin Ramen, You get a choice of broth:veggie, chicken or tonkatsu(pork) , noodles: thin, thick, or spinach, and it doesn't even be to be ramen you can get a rice bowl too!

then it was my first Metro ride that was way better than expected such nice and clean stations. I was impressed. Our metro ride was a short ride over to our next stop which was for ......wait for it........ Sushi & the best darn Saki I've ever had at Sushi of Gari Hollywood.

then the tour was over and they sent us walking back to our cars to burn off all those calories we had just eaten. but that was actually not the end of the tour at the parking lot there was actually a pop-up park fake tree installations and benches. It was pretty neat. Only in Hollywood!

Now this isn't actually a tour you can sign up for, but I hope you all take the time to visit all these places cause they're pretty great! Grab a friend or few and be a tourist in Hollywood! People come from all over the world to visit this city and why should we Angeleno's not enjoy it too!

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