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Let's "Taco" bout Tacolandia 2016

This weekend was the Super Bowl of Tacos, Tacolandia - A true land of tacos. The event was held at El Pueblo de Los Angeles - The space in between Placita Olvera and the Plaza de La Raza. The event was huge streets were blocked off to accommodate the tents of over 150 businesses in the L.A. area. Tacos from all of Los Angeles' favorite taco spots, trucks, catering companies and pop-ups were there to represent.

You would think that trying the tacos from all these places would start to feel a bit repetitive but it wasn't. Beef tacos, Chicken tacos, carnitas, al pastor, veggie tacos, shrimp tacos, fish tacos even a lobster taco. some were fried, some with soft fresh handmade tortillas on the spot, there were different colored tortillas, some topped with fresh onions , other with pickled onions, caramelized onions, No two tacos were the same. and I was determined to try them all, but it was just too many.

As if Tacos weren't enough there were also other goodies at the event. A Tamale booth, pupusa booths - yeah really Pupusas! But Pupusas are Salvadorian? So what, fold it in half and you can eat it like a taco! Comida LA was there with their tasty arepas too!

For sweets there were paletas, churros & flan, but the crowds were there for "The best darn cheesecake you'll ever taste" made by Chef Brian Menedez with Mascarpone, You know the cheese used in Tiramisu! The lines were long for it till the very end.

interested in attending Tacolandia next year? Buy your tickets as soon as you hear about the event next yeart. Tickets are usually cheaper for early purchasers and the event WILL sell out like it did this year and the past years. Hope to see you there next year!

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