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Burgerim LA

Have you ever walked in to a restaurant and seen more than one thing on the menu that looked great and wished you could order it all? Well now that Burgerim has opened its new doors here in LA , YOU CAN! Burgerim has an "always more than one" approach to kickin' those cravings. You get to choose from a duo, trio, or 16 pack of gourmet 2.8 oz. patties and customize each one with a variety of buns, sauces, patties, and toppings. They custom tailor your order to satisfy what YOU crave.

At The Grand Opening celebration i ordered practically all the burgers The turkey, chicken and the salmon were among the favorites for me. the beef and lamb burgers were great too and I'm excited to go back in and try their veggie burger. their sides went so well with these mini burgers. The sweet potato fries are a must try , They are so crispy and perfect they are everything I want sweet potato fries to be. Not a sweet potato fan? than you can't go wrong with the crispy onion rings or those round chip-like fries.

The Salmon Burger

Beef & Lamb Patties with Onion Rings

Got a Hungry Bunch?

order the 16 pack !

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