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East LA Meets Napa

Where has this event been all my life? I attended my very first East LA meets Napa this Friday and every step I took, every booth I visited every beat of the band I heard just made me think Why? Why? Why haven't I been to this event before? It's Awesome!

Imagine yourself surrounded by big beautiful Downtown LA architecture, A stage over the water with the best Latin jazz bands providing the hip swaying sounds for the event and rows and rows of the greatest Latin food in East LA; so many that it took up two floors to fill. Ceviches, tamales, rellenos, tacos, lomo saltados, antichuchos, paella, hibiscus taquitos, and more! Unlimited Portos and the drinks deserve a whole other article of their own. Of course there was wine lots of it. It wouldn't feel like Napa without the wine, Right? But there were so many great drink & spirits representing their brand at the event as well. One of the best mojitos I've ever had Mojitos made its way to my hands along with guava cocktails and hard frescos- another first for me at this event. The hard frescos were amazing they came in your favorite agua fresca flavors like Jamaica, Tamarindo and a Citrus that included flavors like pineapple and grapefruit and a Cola flavor that was reminiscent of a Cuba Libre cocktail.

I left this event very happy, full and ready to take a "napa"!

A bit of advice: Don't be a fool like me. Don't let the next annual East LA Meets Napa pass you by. Get your tickets early Next year.

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