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Hep Cat, No Longer Hip-Hop... Jazz Up you Night at The Crimson Room


From chain restaurants to restaurants uniquely Denver, many line the streets of Larimer Square. However what to do if you're looking to enjoy craft cocktails and live music?? The Crimson Room is the answer. Head through the door of this once upon a time hip-hop club and instantly be transported to the age of cool-sophisticated lounges and jazz clubs.

The ambience is romantic, sexy, and a perfect backdrop for a date or night out with friends. On Thursday nights, they have an open jam session. Talented musicians from in and around Denver and beyond come to play and sing together. If you're brave enough, join in!

Great wine, beer, classic and crafted cocktails are served with expertise. The cart cocktails are served table side for your viewing enjoyment. The cocktail menu changes with the season so be prepared to taste a delicious concoction for Fall. Try "Family Time": Champagne, Cranberries, sage, and simple syrup. The Crimson Room is also known for its liquid nitrogen libations. Imagine ice cream infused with your favorite liquor. Chocolate options, sweet, and spicy too!

Crimson Room

1403 Larimer St Below Ground Denver, CO 80202

Lodo, Northwest

(720) 639-6987

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