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Serving Up a Bowl of Fun at Punch Bowl Social

Denver, CO

The Bachelor's Bowl

In the cute Historic Baker District neighborhood (a mix of industrial, commercial and Bungalow & Victorian style residential properties) you'll find a large 2 story space on the corner of Broadway and 1st with a large sign that says "Diner" on an orange post look up to the left of the building and you'll see It's Punch Bowl Social. A space that used to be a Big Lots, but you'd never know it from the way the place looks like now. It's now a decked out all in one hang out.

"Here's to Going Out Right" - Punch Bowl Social's slogan and I couldn't have said it better myself! This place has it all; It's your one stop hangout for people of all ages. When entering it may just look like a normal restaurant standard outdoor patio's for Denveran's who love their patios and inside - tables and large private booths that hold up 6 people comfortably. To the left more table seating and if you look beyond that another room a hall that holds a beautiful big 360° bar with an elk antler chandelier hanging above it. And still beyond that lounge areas, bowling lanes, bar games even a large Scrabble magnetic board and if that wasn't enough you walk through this sort of speakeasy style hallway only to find that there's another great space there and that space leads you to an upstairs.

This lounge area in the hallway that leads to the upstairs

The upstairs enter into a world of classic video gaming. Classic coin operated video games occupy the back wall of the second floor along with pool tables, ping pong tables , a lounge area and yup you guessed it another bar. You'd think that's it ,but then there are 2 private karaoke rooms. A place you can sing your heart out and not worry about having a terrible voice. No audience here it's just you an the people you feel comfortable with.

Now I have to tell you how it went for me. After touring the place I sat down for Brunch! Yes they even serve weekend brunch and breakfast on the weekdays till 3:00 ish . After perusing the menu I couldn't decide which bowl of punch I wanted. They all sounded fantastic so they brought me a taster flight! you You think that would have made it easier, but after tasting them I really just wanted all of them. But I went with the Bachelor's Bowl. Now fellas don't let the pretty color of this bowl discourage you from ordering it. It's delicious! It's got Buffalo travel bourbon, Pimms no. 6 , blackberry and Elderflower, hibiscus lemon tea & lemon juice. This bowl is for Bachelor's in touch with their feminine side.

Bunch Bowl Taster Flight

Now that I had my drink it was time to think of what I would be eating and the decision wasn't easy because again it all sounded so good, but I went with Crispy Chicken Biscuit - Bread & Butter Pickles + Spicy Honey + Crisp Potatoes. This was tasty and that biscuit so fluffy!

and WOW - The protein bowl was amazing! The quinoa mixed with fried faro was perfection, it gave the dish a nice crunchy element. I love dishes with textures. Shitake mushrooms, carrots, kale, sprouts, radishes and peppers with a poached egg on top and you can add chicken for a little extra protein. I truly enjoyed this dish I could have it for breakfast lunch and dinner. It's like thanksgiving when you barely eat turkey 'cause all the sides combined together just taste so darn good! I'm coming back for more!

Protein Bowl with Chicken added

Before leaving don't forget to look up above the bar /Diner in the main Dining area. You'll see Punch Bowls Lined up on the ledge That is what they call their Punch Bowl Graveyard for retired Punch Bowls that may have a chip on them.

Punch Bowl Graveyard for old  retired Punchbowl's

Wondering where they find all those classic and unique punch Bowls? By thrifting! They just look for them in local thrift shops, which is just one more reason to love them . I myself love to thrift shop!

Insider Tip: Donate a punch bowl and they may thank you with some punch!

65 Broadway

Denver, Colorado 80203 (303) 765 - 2695

Hours of operation

Monday - Friday 11:00am - 2:00am

Saturday 8:00am - 2:00am

Sunday 8:00am - 2:00am

More Locations:

New Locations coming in 2017 including

three California locations.

Rancho Cucamonga

San Diego


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