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Off the Hook Seafood Festival 2016

It was a sunny Saturday in Santa Monica, quite the perfect day for some seafood at the beach - and there it was "the sign that said "Off The Hook Seafood Festival" next to a Mermaid? WHAT!?!? Okay I must be California dreamin on this autumn day.

I followed the happy beach goers into the event because Shuck it! Why not?


People sat in lawn chairs with their drinks at their side on grass cubes and listened to the band, talked, and rested their bellies from all the food they had just eaten and enjoying more beer.

The food

Oysters where everywhere , fresh ones, grilled ones even whole ones. The whole ones where for the oyster shucking contest. The winner did seventeen in two minutes - Not bad I think I could have done better. Haha! I tried entering , but they were all out of shucking knives. I'll bring it next year though - both the knife and my skillz son. I couldn't be too upset about not being included though because that meant it freed me up to eat more and while all the people where watching the contest - It meant no lines at the food booths. So it was a win - win for me!

So here are some of the dishes I got to take pictures of before I scarfed them down

Oysters fresh ones

Oysters Grilled

Hiramasa Yuzu Kosho from Herringbone Santa Monica

Lobster Corn Dogs From The Lobster in Santa Monica

Lobster Corndog

Ahi Tuna tacos form Del Friscos's Grille Santa Monica

Shrimp Mac & Cheese

Four Scoops of creamy goodness from Salt & Straw

look closely at this picture and you'll see everyone staring at this beautiful scoop masterpiece if you look a little closer you might see some drool on their mouths

Boxed Water

sending you a message


Why aren't you here eating with me at the seafood festival?

Well that was a fun time. One could say the event was "Off the Hook"!

Signing out - till Next time!

Now let me enjoy my Salt & Straw it's not just any ol ice cream yuh know!

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