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The Food Event by L.A. Magazine

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Have you ever wanted to reach in to the pages of your L.A. Magazine and devour the food on the pages? Well The Food Event was an issue of L.A. Magazine come to life. Imagine all The best restaurants & wineries in L.A. together in one place serving you those beautifully presented foods that come in your mail every month. The ones you swear your going to go try on your next date night and when date. Yes those foods. You know the ones! The ones that you drool over month after month.

Now imagine row after row of shrimp, pork belly, beef, duck confit, veggie dishes and so many octopus choices you would have though it was octopus awareness day, but I love octopus so I wasn't complaining.

Now throw in sections of wineries, a dessert section and a little corner of happiness where the Don Julio truck had set up with their dangerously great cocktails on draft. Choices were a classic Margarita and a Mule with candied ginger. Yum!

This all sounds great enough already, but now place this already wonderful image in the center of the Santa Monica Mountains at Saddle Rock Ranch a beautiful 200,000 acre property that is a winery, a hiking trail and even a safari. Yes A safari the ranch is home to exotic animals like a giraffe, zebra, camel, llama and more!

I ate I, I drank and I even painted a little then I sat and enjoyed my surroundings it was an absolutely wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon with Angelenos who share my love for food and most of all this amazing city.

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