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My URB-E Experience

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

URB-E: my definition - a motorized scooter/cycle thingamajig. I had never heard of these until I saw a test drive, food tour event in Pasadena on the Events page. All of a sudden the name URB-E was in my head and I started seeing ads for it on Facebook every time I logged in. So I signed up to test one out at the event and I am SO THRILLED I did! I had the best time riding around the city that I HAVE TO HAVE ONE NOW! They are $900.00 (did anyone gulp when they read that?), but seriously once you've been on one and see how fast and convenient it is you'll think it's worth it. They're easy to use - you pull back on the handlebar lever to drive, squeeze the handlebar brake to stop, pull up on the seat the fold it, and you can even charge your electronics devices to the battery of the newer versions. You can fold them up and use them as a shopping cart and they're easy to carry around on the bus or train in fact they come with a free week Metro card and a $100 accessory package on the $1,100.00 (GULP!) The $1,100.00 ones are a little more pimped out and have a bit more powerful. They have financing packages available for like three years which equal to about a buck a day, but just imagine how much you'll be saving on gas (on all those little local trips) metered parking (that alone will cost you atleast $2.00 an hour) per stop. And if you're a walker think how much faster you'll get to places. Never be late again and arrive to your destination with a big happy smile on your face. I mean they're just amazing! If these had been invented before sliced bread we'd be saying "The best invention since URB-E". instead of "sliced bread" HAHA!

They sell these at the store you can pre-order them online and if you're not near Pasadena they come right to your door anywhere in the world. All scooters come with a year warranty just like a car they fix it all for you at no additional cost for the first year, you can even ship it to them for repairs free of charge. There really is no reason to talk yourself out of not getting one of these.

Still not convinced test drive one for yourself the Pasadena shop or maybe check out the events page you never know they may have another event again (by the way the events are free to attend)! I hear they sell them to hotels for guest to use in the area like they do with bike rentals If you end up in a hotel with these in them definitely test it out. It'll be such fun!

Fun for couples too.  Me with the hubby.

URB-E test driving group

To see if I got an URB-E after all follow up on my instagram @lailaromero21

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