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Ashland Hill

One view of the steak frites at Ashland Hill on Instagram and I just new I had to try it. It was a bit of a trek from Burbank to Santa Monica ( you know the 101 and 405), but totally worth it. Once I arrived my traffic stress melted away (kind of like the steak in my mouth but we'll get back to that). I was greeted and seated in a nice outdoor patio that was surprisingly not cold at all. There are plenty of outdoor heaters and you just forget about "hey it's supposed to be cold out here".

So the menus came and the options were all amazing. My traffic stress soon turned into "Oh no! I want to try it all" worries, but I knew for sure I had to have the Steak Frites and the Poached Salmon was looking like number two on my must have list, but still not convinced I perused the menu while enjoying my first app the corn bread fritters (which were delicious by the way) and the lady next to me comments on my picture taking and how she had just taken pictures of her salmon and that "It was amazing" in fact she said "It was the best salmon I've ever had" Well that was enough to convince me I had to try it.

So I continued to scarf down those stunning corn fritters at peace with my decision to order the salmon.

Corn Bread Fritters - Jalapeño, cheddar, popcorn salt $8

Soon after the frequenters favorite Burrata arrived. I loved this dish! Jalapeño Pea mash, caramelized onions, sugar snap peas, pea leaves and toasted sourdough. It may sound and look like just different components in a little skillet but together they're a "Mash" made in heaven if you take meat away from me today give me this dish and I'll be perfectly content. The burrata was warm and gooey, the onions caramelized just right, the snap peas -- oh so snappy and the bread grilled to perfection. (This plate could be a lunch plate)

Burrata $11.00

Steak Frites the dish was everything I wanted it to be and more. First of all it was cooked perfectly medium with a nice little crispy grill char on the outside. It was seasoned just right even an extra little finish with some fleur de sel you can even see in the picture. The spinach wasn't just a veg on the plate it went so well with the dish and the fries were crispy just how I like them. I was full half way through but it was too good not to finish. so I finished of course!

Steak Frites 8 oz Flat iron steak, sauteed spinach, bernaise sauce and parmesan fries $23.00

I got my fries on the side.

The salmon - my friends dish was great. I didn't get to enjoy the whole thing but I sure did try it and it was tender and juicy an seasoned well too. It is olive oil poached which explains the great flavor and tenderness. It was every bit as good as my neighbor diner had described. The string beans on the plate were equally as delicious some of them waxy and the others just crunchy but cooked all the way through -- they had a nice bite to them and they had me going back for more even as I ate my own food. It's obvious they have a talent for vegetable cookery.

Poached Salmon string beans, leek vinaigrette, almonds and pickled Fresno peppers. $17.00

I had a wonderful experience. I love how the ambiance is very casual but still nice enough for a date night or ladies night out. I looked around and there was a good mix of diners -- couples young and older, groups of four and tables of two friends. This place is for everyone and any occasion. The menu is very upscale and the portions are a great value. I dine out a lot and It's not often I'm left wanting to go back to a place. Some places are good, but that once seems enough. Ashland Hill has won over my taste buds with their fine cooking techniques. Whoever is on veggies a veggie cooking master and on grill as well since my steak was cooked to perfection. I will be back. It's obvious the kitchen staff is talented. You don't get to celebrate your second anniversary with luck. Everything was cooked to perfection!

Ashland Hill 2807 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 392-3300

MON-THU: 11AM-10PM | FRI: 11AM-12AM | SAT: 9AM-12AM | SUN: 9AM-10PM

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