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This Valentine's Ruby's Is A Girl's Best Friend

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Valentine's Day Special

People say Diamonds are a girls best friend, but this Valentine's Day Ruby's is a girls best friend. Think I'm crazy? Well hear me out. I'm a mom (in case you all didn't know) I love to go out to eat, but on Valentine's day I like to keep it casual. I believe it started when my kids were younger -- because, well...who can find a sitter on Valentine's Day? Not me, so I had to do things that allowed me to bring my kids along. It's kind of a tradition now, even though my boys are old enough to technically stay alone for a few hours, but they're my loves too and I want to include them in the fun, plus it's not like I never get to go out with the hubby alone. So I noticed Ruby's Diner had an incredible Valentine's deal $19.99 for two. I grabbed the hubby and the boys and we went for our first visit EVER to Ruby's Diner.

We arrived at the Woodland Hills location by the way had no idea there was a Ruby's here. I thought they were all out in the OC. We sat and my younger son mentioned that it looked so futuristic -- we laughed obviously because the 1950's are behind us, but who's to say the 50's aren't going to come back some time in his life time.

We ordered two of the Ruby's Valentine Specials we got four classic burgers and fries and 4 kids shakes instead of the two large shakes. The shakes arrived and I don't normally drink shakes because....well I like to save my calorie for things I can chew, but I took a spoon of it and that was it, I was hooked, it was so good I didn't even share or pass it off to one of the boys to finish. It was just so creamy -- drinkable but still thick enough to be spoon-able, I ordered the salted caramel for myself it was sweet and salty it reminded me of the delicious shakes my dad would buy me when I was a kid. The boys were so happy with theirs they got an Oreo shake, strawberry and an orange 50/50. No complaints in that shake department.

Then our Classic burgers arrived four big luscious looking burgers they were picture perfection and the bread was just really great bread. It was fluffy but it held up so well to the very last bite. The burgers were fantastic! Truly classic, so simple and so good no secret sauces just plain good burgers and they came served with so many fries and on top of that I was surprised to learn that fries were bottomless. Bottomless fries! It doesn't get better than that.

Ruby's Classic Burger

So date night at Ruby's for Valentin'es doesn't sound so Crazy, Right? Load the kids in the car keep them entertained with a build it yourself food truck that all kids get, step two order them a shake, they'll be so busy trying to suck down that thick shake they won't have time to be restless. Step three relax, enjoy and get lost in your hubbies eyes. Share a large shake with two straws with your love or eat fries lady in the tramp style and if you visit the same location I went to the movie theater is right next door.

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