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Ruby's Diner Downey Now Open

Great news for Ruby's fans one more location to get those delicious burgers, shakes and classic American favorites. The new Ruby's is located in the Promenade right in front of The Cinemark movie theatre. Perfect spot for a dinner and movie date if you ask me and if you're in a rush to make that movie no need to look around for the waitress to get that order in for you - place it right away on your very own touch screen pad there's one at every table.

I was a little nervous at first placing my order on the pad because well....... I'm just so used to placing my order out loud, but once I started playing with it -- I actually kind of loved it; the reason being I love extra lettuce and tomatoes on my burgers and I always feel like I'm being judged and labeled as high maintenance for not just taking the burger as it comes and sometimes I like cheddar or pepper jack instead of the American cheese most burgers come with. Now I can take my high maintenance secret to the grave and add all the extra lettuce and tomatoes I want in my burger and/or switch up the cheese too if I want and it'll be between me and the the electronic pad. This goes for picky eaters too; feel like your being judged every time you ask for an item to be removed from your meal? (Whispering) No one has to know.

So besides easing my ordering insecurities I loved that everything has a picture even the add-ons and sides. I liked that you can place part of your order and then add more as you want. I ordered my shakes first and then after looking through the menu a bit more I ordered some appetizers and then decided on the seafood platter as my entree. It was all perfect and delicious.



Chili Cheese Tots, Onion rings and fried calamari strips

chili cheese tater tots, onion rings, and calamari

The Seafood Platter:

cod and shrimp with fries and coleslaw

seafood platter

Other than this new digital lifestyle they've adopted everything else still remains the same; great food, quality, fun ambiance and great service. Yes, there is still the great service the machines haven't completely taken over. I noticed the servers were more attentive; not having to take orders gave them more time to refill our drinks, bring out our food quickly, and pick up plates sooner. They were there to help, but if you decide ordering on a machine isn't for you. Well then that's okay the pad turns into a POS System and the server can just take your order the old fashion way. Well..... sort of old fashion no pen and note pad here, but this is the greener old fashion way.

So what are you waiting for? The ladies at Ruby's are waiting for you!

The Promenade Downey

8860 Apollo Way

Suite B3-320

Downey, CA 90242

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