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A Gazillion Reasons to Watch Absinthe!

Have you heard? The most daring show in Vegas has set up tent in LA. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

It's hard to imagine what could possibly go on in a show that would be considered daring in Vegas, considering they have shows like Magic Mike and the Thunder Down Under, but Absinthe is not just daring they're also zany, sexy, comedic, astonishing and just plain insane.

The show is made up of every act you can imagine it's like Cirque students gone wild. Acrobats, aerialists, comedians and even a singer are part of the kookiness. The only thing missing is a magician but the bubble act by Lady Bubblicious is pretty magical and sexy as hell. The room went from loud laughter and applause to complete silence as soon as the lady from "Down Under" took the stage. The whole place was in a steamin' hot trance,. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop but instead we were lucky to hear the great live vocals of "The Green Fairy" accompanying the hypnotic and astounding bends and twists of the seductress Lady Bubblicious. Did I mention this performance was hot? Cause it was. Ladies you'll be just as hypnotized by this performance just as much as your guy or lady lovin' partner. I know my husband was mad crushin' and I can't even blame him - That was hot!

Still need more reasons to watch? How about:

  • The Balancing act and poise of "Edmund the Bartender"

  • The Buff and Strong "Lost Boys"

  • The aerial ballet act of "Mr. & Mrs. Slutspurt"

  • "Los Dos Tacos" an act that brings Foosball men to life these two locos twist and swing from pole to pole within inches from each other without ever missing a beat

  • The astonishing roller skate act of "The Twizzlers".

  • The graceful yet strong "Silicone Valley Girls

The Strip tease show by "Misty West 88th street" &

  • Reason Number Gazillion! "The Gazillionaire" of course the filthy rich and just plain filthy host of the show and his side kick Daisy who's horny imagination will put all your dirty thoughts to shame.

Absinthe is a must watch show, unless foul mouthed crude humor offends you. I watched this show and after every performance I wanted to get up out of my chair with a 10 score card and shout out with flailing arms and dramatic gestures as does Bruno Tonioli on Dancing with the Stars and I guess you can if you wish, but definitely don't get up during the skate show cause the action is so close you can get kicked in the face. You're as close to the action as you can legally get in this intimate gathering. Every seat is a great seat.

The show runs ninety minutes without intermission and only for five weeks so

get tickets before they take their foul mouthed show back to Vegas

ABSINTHE by Spiegelworld, presented by L.A. LIVE

Venue: Spiegelworld Tent at L.A. LIVE’s Event Deck

1005 Chick Hearn Ct., Los Angeles CA 90015

Dates: Begins March 22 for a limited engagement

Tickets: Prices – Star)ng at $49

Purchase: visit

Schedule: Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:30p

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30p and 9:30p

Sundays at 5:30 and 7:30p

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