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Al Fresco Dining at Del Frisco's Grille

Planning a day in Santa Monica? Del Frisco's Grille is the place to eat. The husband and I took a day off and planned a Santa Monica Stay-cation, a whole day of just walking around with no kids and no distractions. We started with a light latte and toast for breakfast at Espresso Cielo just arou-nd the corner (read about it here) . We did a little walking and shopping on 3rd street and really worked up an appetite. The dining choices are over-

whelming, but we headed towards the beach for a relaxed beachside atmosphere plus I was craving a good burger and Del Frisco's had a great looking one on the menu.

I arrived and I had several seating options the place is pretty large but I decided to dine al fresco - I mean it's Santa Monica after-all, people travel all this way for this view and I was going to take advantage of it plus the weather was pretty great too!

It was only lunch time, but I started my meal with a couple of cocktails ( 5:00 O'Clock rule doesn't apply when on vacation/stay-cation). I saw a refreshing Pomegranate Margarita on the menu that caught my attention because I like drinks with tequila or Mezcal and I love the tanginess of pomegranates so I went with that and it was great but the real star or should I say The Very Important cocktail was their signature "VIP" made with sweet Hawaiian pineapple infused SVEDKA Clementine Vodka. It was one of the best drinks I have ever tasted before EVER! SERIOUSLY! Which was strange because it was neither made with my favorite spirit nor was it spicy which I love. It was sweet the complete opposite of what I usually go for but this was truly delicious; it was like paradise in a little glass. It tasted like a fine piña colada married into the Orange Julius Family and this was their socialite baby (hence the VIP). I enjoyed these liquid goodies with an order of Ahi tacos that were also quite amazing by the way while I waited for that burger I was craving.

The burger arrived looking gorgeous and tasty. I had a bite and forgot about how pretty it was just seconds before; all I could think was Mmmm!, Mmmm!, Mmmm! The juices literally oozed out of the burger it was seasoned and cooked to juicy perfection and the fries were so crispy and flavorful there was no need for the ketchup they came served with although that mini little squirt bottle was cute as heck!

Oh yeah remember that hubby I came with well while I was in burger heaven he was in beef dip delight on the other side of the table. We're a couple of sharers and we usually go halfsies on our food so we can try it all, but this day ........ well, halfsies etiquette went out the window. We were each so into the meals placed in front of us that we each conveniently overlooked each others selfishness.

Lucky for us the Monday special was there to save save us from our selfish ways. Shrimp and Grits, sounded to good to pass up. We went for it and shared it down to the last buttery bite.

So with that we ended our delicious lunch and off we went to explore more of the city and enjoy the rest of our day off.

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