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Taste of South Pasadena

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Taste of South Pasadena a family event that takes over the streets of Pasadena every year. It's a foodie style scavenger hunt where at every stop a delicious treat awaits and there's thirty-five stops. I put on my comfy shoes and brought the family along we walked on Mission and Fair Oaks getting bite after bite of great eats. I excused each bite with the fact that I had burned off the last on my short walk over to the next.

1st stop the Canoe House for wrist bands and you guessed it food, but this is the most popular spot with guest because it's where all the booze is. Wineries take over the lot of The Canoe House and offer pours of their wines and guest mingle. I didn't want to drink and walk (Safety first!), So I started with bites from the Canoe House: potstickers, shredded pork sliders and poke on crispy wonton chips a glass of wine and was on my way.

Right across the way we had great BBQ and just across from there mini sundaes. We grabbed tasting slices of pizza, shredded pork tostadas, beers and Bangers and Mash along with live music at the local pub, we had poke, gazpacho and Indian cuisine. It was like we went on a tour of the world in just a few blocks of Pasadena and top it off we had Ice cream lots of ice cream and fro-yo too from Menchies which was offering unlimited sampling to event goers.

The food wasn't the only great thing about the event. It was great family time walking and talking and working together as a family searching for our next great find and along the way lots of great sights like the Rialto Theatre where La La Land was filmed and the metro train zoomimg by

and sculptures and more.

This is definitely an event you'll want to do next year and make t a yearly tradition.

Be on the look out for more info on this event next year

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