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Paper Tiger Bar

photo by Paper Tiger Bar

If there's one thing I love it's themed venues and K-towns newest lounge is a Victorian style speakeasy inspired by Disneyland's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

My visit to the manor was for event (click to see what these are - they're lots of fun) People really came dressed up in Victorian style fashion. Some really true to the era and others mixed a little of the old with a little of the new. My plan was to go full out Victorian, but then the day came and it was like 103° that day so I improvised- although I wish I had just braved the heat because I felt left out of all the fun when I saw everyone else dressed up (sad face)

So back to the lounge. It's a small space and VERY NEW. When you arrive you'll be greeted by Theo, the best doorman around. Once you enter you'll almost immediately see the double staircase mural which is also where the bar is and to the left is the lounge / dance area.

photo by Paper Tiger Bar

The pro's about this place;

1. Personal space - if you're like me and value your personal space this is the place to be. It's so new and hidden there are no big crowds, but let's say it does get discovered soon and you have to wait in line for a bit , then there's reason #2

2. Theo - the Doorman. The man is cool; a true gentleman. He's funny and unlike an other doorman in this town, no sir no douchebag at this door.

3. It's a Victorian Themed Lounge. How cool is that?

4. If you're a Disney fan, HELLO! - remember it's inspired by Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

5. - The double staircase mural this thing seriously had me fooled in the pictures before I arrived. I thought this staircase was for real and I was a little disappointed that it wasn't, but still really cool and very realistic

which gives me reason #5

5. If you're doing it for the gram then you gotta get a shot of yourself in front of this mural.

6. They have food! Perhaps this should have been reason #1 since "I'm What's for Dinner"

The cons:

1. The drinks were not my favorite they were too icy and week, but they can change that and I hope they do it soon. I don't believe in being able to taste the alcohol to know it's in there, but I know the difference in a well balanced drink and a watered down drink. These drinks were totally watered down.

2. Street parking only. There is a very small lot next door. I believe the fee was a $5.000 to park which isn't bad.

3. No Salsa music. I love a variety of music and I like danceable stuff the night I went there was a guest DJ and the music was a bit meh for my taste, but I hear on regular nights it's good hip hop & pop music So what's this about no Salsa music? I've read from a few yelp reviews that they have requested Spanish music and they refuse to play it , that it's not allowed. That's strange. HuH? (wonder what that's all about?) so if you're trying to get your monies worth from those Salsa lesson this is not the place.

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