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Hollywood Turns Up The Heat 800°

Since 2012 800 Degrees has been known for its authentic Neapolitan-style pizza and chef-driven offerings, only serving top quality ingredients. While wanting to maintain that reputation, they decided to introduce a new look and new menu at the remodeled Hollywood location to allow guests a bit more variety when dining at the restaurant.

Paying homage to the longstanding tradition of "rosticceria and pizzerias" in Naples, Italy - they too have added rotisserie chicken to the menu and they use the chicken on pizzas and salads as well as serve it whole for a real family feast. The chicken is available on the menu as a plate with two sides, or individually when purchased in whole. Plates come with the option of a Quarter Chicken ($9.95), Half Chicken ($14.95), and Whole Chicken ($25.95), served with two sides and a choice of sauce.

it’s time to come discover the new sizzling additions at 800 Degrees Hollywood!

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