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Chef John Tesar Book Signing

Come out to the Barnes & Noble at the Grove this Monday at 7:00p.m. to meet and and enjoy a conversation between the two meat men Chef John Tesar (James Beard nominated chef, and a two-time contestant on Bravo’s “Top Chef”) and Chef Adam Lang (author of "Charred & Scruffed" ). Chef John Tesar will host a book signing for his recently-launched cookbook, “KNIFE: Texas Steakhouse Meals at Home” . "KNIFE" challenges readers to turn their kitchen into a savory Dallas-style steakhouse serving only the most tender meats. No one cooks a steak like legendary Chef John Tesar. In his first-ever cookbook, KNIFE reveals Chef John Tesar’s secrets to cooking the purest, beefiest, most delicious steak you have ever tasted. Infused with the flavor of Texas and Tesar’s culinary genius, KNIFE goes “Back to the Pan,” and shows his method for cooking the perfect steak (spoiler alert; it doesn’t involve firing up the grill). Tesar doesn’t stop at steak, though; this book is full of recipes for cooking lamb, pork, veal, and the best burgers ever. Tesar also offers up the recipes to his Signature Sides: Roasted Okra, Avocado Fries, and Bacon Jam, and foolproof versions of classic sauces. With recipes for your favorite juicy cuts of meat, as well as techniques for making mouthwatering dishes from underrated cheaper cuts, KNIFE is devoted to the celebration of steak in every form.

*For guests that would like to meet, snap a photo, and have book signed by Chef, a purchase of KNIFE is required. The book is available at Barnes & Noble for $29.99 and for any additional questions, please visit Facebook or Barnes and Noble.

Barnes & Noble – The Grove 189 The Grove Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90036

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