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Halloween Horror Nights kicks off the 2017 Halloween season

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

So I was one of the lucky few at last nights HHN preview and it was twisted and spooktacular! I arrived early and waited in line before they opened. I didn't wait very long, they started letting people in earlier than 7:00. I came with a plan and ready to attack the night or shoud I say let the night attack me. I wanted to make sure to do it all on this one visit. I did all the mazes and scare zones but one - "The Insidious" maze that's over by Jurrasic Park, by the end of the night I was just too pooped to wait in a sixty-five minute line which on a regular night isn't really too bad, but considering I had waited about ten minutes in each of the other lines (max twenty), sixty-five just sounded out of the question. (Especially if you read my last blog about "The It Experience", you know I'm so over lines this week.) Anyway I rushed in the park and headed downstairs to all the mazes in the back lot. I skipped the ones on the top and even walked passed "The Shining" maze figuring everyone was going to stop at those first and while they were waiting there. I would get all the far ones done and by the time they were done with the ones I had skipped they'd be heading to the ones I had just finished - freeing up the lines a bit for me when I came back around to the top. My plan worked brilliantly which is why the longest line I waited in was about twenty minutes.

There were eight mazes this year Titans of Terror: hosted by Chucky, American Horror Story: Roanoke , Ash: Evil Dead, Insidious, Saw, The Horrors of Blumhouse, The Walking Dead which is permanently there and the featured maze this year was The Shining

I thought The Shining would be my favorite this year because I loved the "The Exorcist" maze last year so much, but I actually really liked the American Horror Story maze "Roanoke" the most this year, so much so that I did it twice; surprisingly it didn't have a long line at all. The maze featured those creepy pigs that kept showing up at the Roanake home in the last season, The Butcher, The MURDER nurses, the and the scene where Lee Harris has her leg skin removed. Those creepy pigs got me more than a couple times they pop out of nowhere and the costumes are just so great! I love a good scare.

Blumhouse Productions films took us through a bone-chilling experience of three of their blockbusters: The Purge franchise, Sinister movies and soon-to-be released Happy Death Day. Have you ever walked through a living trailer of a movie? I did and believe me you don't want to come face-to-face with one of the creepy baby faced masked killer over and over again.

The Terror Tram, drops you off near the Bates Motel, where you are greeted by a lot of Chuckies and their chainsaws. Then it's a walk through of the Bates Motel where you walk throug a scene of carnage and if you escape that you end up at the Norman Bates home - a great photo opp, but in order to hop back on the tram that takes you back to the park you must walk through the war of the worlds plane crash site for The Nightmare on Elm Street where no matter where you turn you can't escape Freddy.

Horror ruled the Night. Here's my advice to you for when you go. Go with a large group for protection (but don't let not having a big group stop you from going). Arrive early and hit up the mazes at the very end first (in the back lot) then work your way back. You'll scream a lot so have water, wear comfy shoes so you can run if you have to, but mostly because there's a lot of walking - the mazes are down in the back lot where usually the tram takes you so it's pretty far, but believe me you won't be bored in between all the walking because there are several scare zones, including the Toxic Tunnel a long dark tunnel that leads to the back lot but infected zombie-like subhumanoids roam the tunnel - they're contagious so don't let them catch you and you'll need a little walking break so make sure to catch the Jabawockeez because it's a great show.

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