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There's a new Sanrio candy line at Sugarfina

I was a spoiled kid, not really, but yes really. I wasn't a brat or anything, but I was an only child and only grandchild for the first 8 years of my life. So if I wanted somthing I pretty much got it, and what did I i want? I wanted Hello Kitty- lots of it! Every damn day.

There was a Hello Kitty store just a couple of blocks from where I went to school when I was a kid and I would beg my mom to go to it - Everyday! My mom was young and she loved shopping herself so she didn't mind, eventually it just became a thing, we would walk there after school and I would atleast leave with a small surprise bag. I don't know if they still do those now, but back in my day they had the Hello Kitty paper shopping bag - you know the one, right? It had all the little Sanrio characters plastered all over the bag and when you bought something they would fold over the top and tape a cute, tiny toy to the outside of it. If you grew up in the 80's you know the one I'm talking about , it may still be that way I don't know - I only have boys. These bags, they had lots of them sealed up and placed into bins the contents of the bag where - you guessed it " A surprise" you didn't know what or what character you'd get, but I loved it all so I took my chances plus I've always been a sucker for a deal. The bags were like $5 for the small, $15 for the medium, and $25 for the large something like that, and sometimes they had bigger ones too (those cost more), but whatever came inside th bags was worth more than you paid for it - Lots of pencils, stickers, erasers, pencil boxes, sharpeners that kind of stuff in the smaller ones the bigger bags obviosly had better items in them sometimes backpacks, lunch bags and more stickers, pencils, notepads and stuff - I cherished it all, but my Hello Kitty shopping days ended around the time i was in middle school, but It alway held a special place in my heart.

Now fast forward about 20+ years. where new things excite me. Sugarfina being one of them. It's late and I'm checking my emails and I see Sanrio and Sugarfina have a collaboration and the new line was launching the very next morning and to sweeten things up they were giving away a free Sanrio candy cube of your choosing. The kid in me returned, I set my alarm dropped of the kids at school and headed over to the Sugarfina in Pasadena I was fortunate that my husband had that day off and he joined me. Which meant more candy for me! Although, who am I kidding? The darn stuff is so cute I didn't even want to eat it.

I arrived at 10:30 the store was scheduled to open at 11:00 they handed numbers to the people in line we were #9 and #10, the line was short I was fortunate that there weren't to many fans in line or I would have missed out by the time I arrived. when the store finally opened more people arrived but I still don't think it was quite the 25.

They had a variety of candies. Seven to be exact all kinds of flavors and textures. three gummies , two chocolate and one jelly bean.

they had Sanrio bento boxes a bus that held three cubes and the Hello Kitty bowtie that held two cubes.

the bus bento box

These are the ones I chose for free. Keropi "Donut Pond" jelly beans and Chococat Chocolate Caramels.

but I bought a few more Hello Kitty " Mamma's Apple Pie" Gummies, Hello Kitty "bow" gummies, and Gudetama "Lazy gummy eggs . I ended up with five of the seven and very happy with my collection.

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