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Marugame Udon

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Not sure if Marugame Udon is the same as Marukame Udon in Honolulu, but either way I'm so excited that it's here in LA. I was 100% sure they were the same until I went on their site and didn't see any other locations just the one and then I noticed the spelling is different , but the place is designed exactly the same and it's the same cafeteria style ordering process and is every bit as good too - If it's not the same it's a darn good knock off.

Now let my start by saying Marugame is delicious AF and affordable too - if f you stick to just the udon and maybe 1 piece of tempura, but it's easy to get sucked in by all golden fried smorgasbord in front of you and that's how they get you, your $6.00 bowl ends up being like $15.00 with all the add-ons, so grab a tempura or two and keep on moving to keep it under $10.00 The mixed veggies is the best bang for your buck its' giant and only $1.50, but the calamari is the tastiest one even tastier than the shrimp.

Sweet Beef Udon

Spicy Tuna bowl

Marugame Udon

Delicious AF!

If Udon Know,

Now You Know

The line to get in looks long but it goes by pretty quick since it's cafeteria style.

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