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13th Floor Haunt in Denver

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The 13th Floor Haunt has a new location, but don't fear the chills are just as great as before and it's bigger giving you lots more room to bob and weave the ghouls. Being from Los Angeles and attending the haunts in the entertainment capitol of the world you would think you would have seen it all, but this is my second year attending 13th Floor and I have to say I'm just so amazed and impressed by the props and giant anamatronic monsters they use, They're so cool - you won't see anything like it in the Hollywood haunts. They also do a great job at popping out at you unlike most haunts where they appear out from behind a wall or secret passage way the monsters here sometimes pop out at you from above - when you are just confident enough to pass through a room because you see no ghoul in your way, an unexpected beast pops out at you from a zipline up above and scares the hell out of you. It's Awesome!

I wish I could get pictures for you from inside the maze , but no cameras are allowed inside, so your just going to have to go check it out for yourself.

The price varies for tickets depending on the date you want to visit. Check out the schedule here.

Pay a little extra to skip the line. Skip the Line tickets are reservation based to limit your wait. Purchase a Fast Pass ticket and reserve your entry time within a one-hour time block. A limited amount of each are available online and on site every night.

If you decide to wait in the line the wait should still be fun. The ghouls visit you and warm up the crowd a little before you get in to the maze.

13th Floor Haunted House

3400 East 52nd Ave

Denver, CO 80216

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