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189 by Dominique Ansel

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I was fortunate to be in the area on opening weekend and I waited in line maybe 15 minutes - not bad! They were sold out of the cronut so i tried what felt like was everything else in the bakery and it was all perfect. The frozen S'mores looked so good, I was lucky enough to get a quick picture if them, by the time I got my seat at the table my teens had devoured two of them. The salted caramel eclair was delish, but the warm almond croissant has to be my favorite thing I ordered - it was crispy and filled with almond paste and topped with so many perfectly placed standing almonds - it looked like a porcupine.

This place is more than just a bakery it's an experience you can look in to the kitchen as they're making the pastries, watch as they torch the s'more and watch as they place the pretty marshmallow flower in your hot cocoa that blossoms before your very eyes. I loved it here!

I still have to come back and try the famous cronut that I missed out on - on my visit to New York and of course another one of those delicious croissants.

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