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Oh how fun it is to Chill at the Queen Mary this Winter season

The Queen Mary's CHILL was, "Oh so different!" this year. This year's CHILL axed the ice sculptures from the program and gave us a magical wonderland much like the song "Jingle Bells" - the most famous traditional Christmas song around the world, which is exactly what they did. They took my family and I on a Christmas tour around the world

the 38,000-square foot ice park honors international holiday celebrations with one-of-a-kind entertainment and traditions of Germany, Switzerland, China, Russia, Holland, and the North Pole.

We rode big wheel Ice bikes, drank tea, ate Dim sum and made paper lanterns in China.

We dashed through the snow ( on the ice rink)

and O'er the fields we went laughing all the way , On the tubing fields of Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland and ate Pretzels in Germany.

They even added these cool bumber tubes!

The newly-inspired CHILL offers nightly entertainment throughout the park including international cultural celebrations, live music, Rockettes-style dance performances, fireworks, light shows, DJs, dancing, tasty food, a nightly Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and much more.

Throughout the night meet & greet the characters of CHILL like Panda or Gingerbread Man or the ethereal Christkindle (the German gift bringer and bearer of lights), meet the gift bringers of Russia - Father Frost and The Princess, the magical Father Time, Holland’s gift bearer who will share interesting facts on stargazing and how the Dutch discovered the telescope, and of course get a photo with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

There's just so much to see and do this year I wasn't even able to see it all, but I did use up all of my tickets on my VIP Ultimate Passes (This is the way to go, with General Admission you'll have to purchase tickets to do the activities. VIP lets you do it all!).

Even the stocking making was so much fun - I love craft time so this was great for me, even my teenage boys didn't mind this, once they were there making them - they had a lot of fun. (They weren't too thrilled about me saying I wanted to go make stockings at first)

I actually really wish this was a year round thing, I hate to know that it will all be over so soon. I'm going to try to get another round in before the season is over. They really did a great job this year. I'm so happy I made it out.

and in case you're wondering what the food is like - They have it all!

  • Tempt your taste buds with beverages and bites from around the globe including Germany’s Twisted Pretzel and Tasting Tavern and the Brat Haus.

  • Pay tribute to Swiss delicacies with a visit to the Zurich Deli, the Fondue Pot, and the Alpine Lodge’s restaurant: Chateau Bar.

  • Sip on traditional teas in China’s Zen Teahouse and the Hot Pot.

  • Warm up in the Russian Pierogi Paradise or the Stroganoff and Stew Pot.

  • Dine in the Alpine Lodge, open nightly, serving traditional Swiss bites overlooking the Matterhorn Mountain tubing slide

  • Curb your sweet tooth with gourmet donuts, make-your-own Gingerbread house or visit the Fire Pit to make holiday s‘mores

  • Cozy up in Switzerland’s Alpine Square by roasting marshmallows and building gooey s’mores at the toasty fire pit.

  • Visit the Candy Bar to grab sweet treats for the little ones, and liquid candy sips for the adults.

CHILL will run Dec. 13, 2017 – Jan. 7, 2018, excluding Dec. 31, 2017.

pricing starts at $29.00 for adults (ages 9+) and $19.00 for kids. VIP Ultimate Expedition tickets are also available starting at $79.00 for adults (ages 9+) and $69.00 for kids.

For more information, including an entertainment schedule, hours of operation and to purchase tickets online, visit

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