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The Lights are up at the LA Zoo

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Lights at the LA Zoo has become sort of a family tradition since it's debut in 2014, but I have to admit I felt this year may have been the year we wouldn't make it out since my boys are now 14 and 11 and these types of things aren't really what they're into anymore, but to my surprise they still enjoyed it; They didn't ooh & ahh for the lights like the little ones do or sit on Santa's lap , but we had an excuse to break out the warm winter clothing and we got to enjoy our all time favorite zoo snack -The glazed almonds, while we listened to the carolers and of course enjoyed the lights. With all of our crazy schedules this was much needed quality family time.

This year I had readers and friends ask me how long it takes to walk this event and although I had an idea I didn't quite have an answer so this year I kept track of my visit from beginning to end and the magic number is TWO - two hours and my time includes looking for parking and waiting in the line to get in to the event.

We did not rush our visit at all, we paused a lot to take a lot of photos and stopped at all the fun stops.

We visited the The Reindeer Village - As you can see they were resting up for the big delivery day next month.

We made some fun shapes and fooled around behind the Shadow Screens.

Listened to The Carolers, but not before getting some of those yummy almonds that I love so much. I ate them on this stop.

We walked through The Lair and visited the reptiles in their neon decorated home.

We stopped to admire The New Water & lazer light show

We walked through The Glittering Light Tunnel - this year there was a line for the tunnel you don't just walk up to it anymore - they send in groups at a time (this was about 10 - 15 minute wait), but you'll want to wait because there's a stunning 3-D Animated Projection up for you to watch while you're in line and there's more past the tunnel and you'll end up circling back to finish your self-guided tour before heading back to the entrance.

Glittering Light Tunnel

Tips for your visit:

Buy your tickets online and have them ready on your phone or printed out to get in quickly. The line to get in gets really long, but it goes by quick.

It gets chilly in the zoo at night so bring warm clothing and comfy shoes - there's a lot of walking.

when you walk in your first instinct will be stop and get pictures with the giant Christmas tree in the front, but believe me get your picture with the tree in the end - there won't be crowds of people in your shot.

Eat the glazed almonds they're cooked with water not oil so they're yummy and sort of good for you.

(at least I've convinced myself that they are) The medium bag is the best deal.

LA Zoo Lights

November 17 – January 7 6-10 p.m.

Closed Nov 23, Dec 24, and Dec 25

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