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Molten Metal Works : You Can Do It!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Today my "HGTV /DIY goals" dream came true. If you're like me and watch a lot of "Flea Market Flip" and have always dreamed of learning how to do metalwork so you can build crazy cool furniture like they do on that show or have a crazy amount of pins on your Pinterest DIY board then you know how lucky I was to get in to this exclusive event put together by Yelp LA. The event was at Molten Metal works in LA ON San Fernando right in between Glendale and Atwater Village. It was super exclusive only 6 people were chosen to attend this event and although I knew we wouldn't be making furniture today I was super excited to familiarize myself with the tools and welding techniques and also find a place I can come back and make those pieces I've always dreamed of making.

So at this Yelp Elite Event we made a cowbell from scratch, We made it all! It may sound simple but there were quite a few steps cutting the metal piece that makes the sound inside, the little holder for that piece had to be heated and molded, all the pieces welded together, attaching the handle, decorating it and of course testing the sound of our bells when all was done. It was not easy work friends, but it was so much fun.

So we learned how to use all the tools and cut out all the little parts we needed for our cowbell.

Once all the pieces had been cut and molded it was time to tape these pieces together so we could weld them together and start putting the bell together.

We welded the edges together removed the tape and then worked our way down to seal the side, weld the loop and bell piece inside then added the top and the handle.

we had the option of decorating it. Although I would have loved to put the "I'm What's for Dinner" logo on it, I'm not that skilled yet, so I went with a simple swirl decor.

Yelp Elite Class of 2017 Cowbells

I walked in there excited and very nervous because I didn't exactly know what to expect, but I left happy and with so much knowledge. I just can't wait to come back and work on a cool table. It's event like these that remind me how truly neat it is to be elite.

Playing with power tools is so much fun so if you're thinking of attending a class like this definitely check out Molten Metal Works if you'rein the LA area and make sure you wear long sleeve shirts and closed toe shoes or boots obviously no sandals or flip flops pretty much any closed shoe works except running shoes with that mesh on them cause the sparks could go through and melt your shoes and burn your feet. Once you've got safety all taken care of get to work


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