B Sweet to yourself in 2018

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

This local Filipino dessert bar on Sawtelle is pumping out Ube treats left and right - from cookies, brownies, cakes, bread puddings, cheesecake , whatever it is they do it right and don't skimp on portion either. The bread pudding is what they're known for so it's what I ordered. There were six flavors when I visited, but I hear they have about forty different flavors (the menu changes weekly on Wednesday's). I ordered the salted caramel cause I love salty in my sweet. The order came out quickly and it was warm and gooey perfection with ice cream, but it was a lot to finish. I have eyes bigger than my stomach syndrome and ordered the double scoopto share with my son who also has an appetite as big as his mom, but we just couldn't finish it . So if your just one person a single scoop will do and is even shareable, but when a double is only $3.00 more, why settle for less? I have to tell you when I visit again I'm going to be bad again and order the double. It's the better deal and B Sweet has planned ahead for people like myself - the bread pudding comes with heating instructions (Scroll down and look at the ordering process - step 4).

So the board gives you the whole ordering & reheating spiel. They even give you freezing instructions ( for those of you with the self discipline not to eat those leftovers after a couple of hours). No need to make note of these - they come on the container.

This is the water and coffee/tea station. Trust me, you won't leave this place looking as sad as that pooch on the screen.

I can't wait to come back in again to try their other thirty-nine flavors. They've got a truck too, so maybe I'll get luck and have them come to me next time.

B Sweet Dessert Bar



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