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Winter Wonderland Pop-Up by Chef Derrick Fox

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Chef Derrick Fox - runner up of Master Chef season six has been cooking up pop-up feasts all over Los Angeles, but Dinner on Ice has to be by far the coolest one he cooked up (pun intended). The pop-up dinner presented by Capital One was a unique winter wonderland that came complete with a six course gourmet tasting of Chef Derrick's cuisine paired with Ammunition Wines and an open cocktail bar by Ma'Kai Lounge , which just so happens to be Chef Derricks newest residency.

The menu included some of Chef Derrick's signature dishes and childhood favorites. Courses one to three were casually served as guest skated or had their pictures taken at the photo booth. The passed appetizers included Endive Cups filled with dates, blue cheese, walnuts, truffle oil, that he created for one of his celebrity clients Seth MacFarlane and Cucumber Slices topped with Crab and Spicy Aioli spicy California crab Bites on Top of Sliced Cucumber and dinner on ice wouldn't be complete without an oyster bar.

For course four to six we moved on to to beautifully set tables decorated with plants by Petaloom and Capital One cafe had generously provided warm blankets for us all to keep warm and take home.

Course 4


One of his signature dishes that he made on the finale of Master Chef - the dish was inspired by his love of adding salt to his watermelon as a child.

Deconstructed Watermelon Salad

Citrus Compressed Watermelon, Shaved Cucumber, Goat Cheese Mousse, Toasted Pepitas, & Leek Vinaigrette

Course 5


Miso Marinaded Local Salmon

with Shitake Mushrooms, Charred Broccolini Florets in a Soy Yuzu reduction

Course 6


Chocolate S'Mores Tartlets

filled with a Silky Chocolate Ganache and topped with a Sweet Soft Meringue

torched to perfection.

The evening ended on the ice rink where even the chef got a little time to have fun!

If you missed it this year make sure you don't miss it next year, but until then make sure to check out Chef Derrick at Ma'Kai Lounge in Santa Monica where you can try these and many more of his delectable dishes.

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