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Cheese tea in Koreatown

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Cheese tea shops are not easy to come by here in LA; there are a few, but chances are you're gonna have to drive a little to get to one. For me it was still a bit of a trek but I really wanted to try this tea and I appreciate that the building is in has it's own little lot in the back so it wasn't going to be a hassle to find parking when I got there. The tea shop is just the cutest. It's kind of hard to miss, you have to kind of be looking for it in order to find it. It's right across from the EMC in Koreatown. The building is charming, It's yellow and looks like it used to be a large house that was converted into office/business space.

Brown & White's specialty is cheese tea which is where the white and brown name comes from the white from the cheese and brown from the tea - simple right? It's a beautiful simple clean cut logo and the tea is made just how I like it, not sweet at all and all made from real teas not powders - ( I hate the super syrupy teas that taste like they were made with Lipton style tea powder)

Spring Green tea with cheese topping

Now to the cheese, first of all they make their own cheese in house and it's delicious! This being my first time trying the cheese tea - I can not call myself an expert on cheese tea, but I have a great palate and I know good when I taste good. I've been a bit skeptical about the whole cheese tea craze , but I came in to White and Brown with a very open mind. I looked over the menu and ordered a few teas to try. They have light teas, milk teas, smoothies even a cold brewed fruit tea. I tried the spring green, because green tea is my go to tea, but I heard the Oolong tea was the way to go so I got one of those too. I liked my green tea a lot , but I have to admit I really liked the way the Oolong paired with the cheese. The cheese is light, fluffy and airy, it's slightly sweet and slightly salty kind of like butter. The flavors really reminded me of cheesecake. It really just tastes like a super fluffy cream cheese frosting over your tea. I'm kind of bummed I waited so long to try it, although I feel like a picked a great place to lose my cheese tea virginity. White and Brown makes a great cup cup of tea and the cheese was like a fluffy little bonus cloud of goodness.

Strawberry Smoothie & cold brewed fruit tea

White and Brown

603 S Mariposa Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Phone: (213) 674-7225









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